Globaltronic Intertrade Co.,Ltd.

Global Distributor of  Electronic

and Electrical  Products

Global Distributor of  Electronic  and Electrical  Products

Globaltronic Intertrade Company Limited (GTI)

Founded on February 28, 2001

We aim to be a distributor of high quality electronic parts and electrical product with international standards that will deliver products & services to meet customer satisfaction 

Our scope of supply :

1. Electronic Component

2. Electrical Construction Material 

3. Electronic Education Solution

Rewarding and Success Record

2015 Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 certification

2015 Received the Green Office Award from the environment ministry

2015 Received the Toshiba Plant Services Corp ,TPSC,  Electrical product best supplier award

2017 Passed supplier development program under the GE Supplier Development ( GE Global Supplier)

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25/13 Big Lot Factory Land,

Eastern Outer Ring Parallel Rd., Bungkhamproy Sub-District, Lamlukka District, Pathumthani Province 12150

Globaltronic Intertrade Co.,Ltd.

Tel: 02 105 4733

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